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Welcome to the ICA Committee on Cooperative Research meeting 2023

Welcome to Leuven!

KU Leuven is proud to announce that the next ICA CCR Conference will be held from 10 until 13 July 2023 in the beautiful city of Leuven, located in the centre of Belgium, just 25 kilometres from Brussels, the capital of Europe.

The ICA CCR Conference is hosted by the Centre of Expertise for Cooperative Entrepreneurship (KCO KU Leuven), a research and teaching centre that brings together various stakeholders from the field of cooperative entrepreneurship with the aim of advancing knowledge, proficiency, and legitimacy.

The overall theme of the 2023 conference is ‘Innovating in cooperative governance. Governing cooperative innovation’. The conference will bring together academia, researchers, and cooperative practitioners from all over the world, as well as policy-makers at the EU and international level, to discuss the latest research and policy developments in the area of cooperative governance.

We look forward meeting you in Leuven!